Universe has been stretched in space every moment. In this intense world Cosmyte explores your cells and restores the feeling of large spaces. From the centre of Earth to the particles of the cosmos, Cosmyte affects the body from bustle to caress, and stimulates spiritual humanity.

This atypical crew is composed of Pr. Galacticus (machines), Friktus (handpan), Mecanovic (beat box & vocal) and Bichinia (Flute & vocal). This musicians meet each other after travelling many European festivals and started creating their own world! The Cosmyte Indian Tour in january 2018 welded them into this great adventure. A journey between organic human sounds, instruments & sounds of mechanical machines, Cosmyte is a real musical android.


Upcomming Cosmyte Tours :

  • Jan – Feb 2019 : Cosmyte Indian Tour 2nd edition (Goa)
  • Mar – Apr 2019 : Cosmyte Yunnan Tour (China)
  • Summer 2019 : Festivals Cosmte Tour !

Past Tours :

  • 27 Sep – 2 Oct 2018 : Swiss (Satrocks Festival Lausanne, Kiosk Art Neuchatel)
  • 15th Jul – 6th Aug 2018 : Cosmyte Russian Tour (Chillout Planet, Patok Festival…)
  • 6th Jun – 13th Jul 2018 : Karma Kusala Fesival, Harmonic Festival (South France)
  • 27th May – 3rd Jun 2018 : Cosmyte Swiss Tour (Lausanne, Neuchatel, Basel)
  • 25th Feb – 6th Mar 2018 : Cosmyte Healthy Tour (Montpellier, France)
  • 1st Jan – 5th Feb 2018 : Cosmyte Indian Tour (Goa)
  • 25th Nov – 1st Dec 2017 : Cosmyte Chrismas Tour (Montpellier, France)
  • 22th July – 13th Aug 2017 : Nomad Summer Tour (Swiss, Germany, Hungary, Italy).


If you want us to come to your planet, don’t hesitate to contact us, we will be very happy to share the journey with you.

Contact Pr Galacticus :
+33 6 38 03 48 29
Montpellier, France, Earth


Download Technical Rider :  COSMYTE_TECH_ENG

Download Logo :